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Lynda Stone

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Lynda Stone
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Training at Bath School of Physiotherapy, I qualified in 1984. Since then I have worked extensively in the private sector and the NHS, both as clinician and in management. I have adopted a life-long learning approach to my work as there is always more to know and to include within my practice. Over the years I have taken many post registration courses in musculoskeletal physiotherapy including a combined manipulation course for spinal and peripheral joint problems, mobilisation of the nervous system, the McKenzie approach to spinal disorder and positional release techniques

More recently I have trained with the Barral institute in visceral manipulation, highlighting the role of tight connective tissue enveloping internal organs as a mediator of chronic pain and these techniques are a valuable tool in overcoming pain that fails to respond to more conventional treatment. At the Barral institute I have also been learning how to manipulate the nervous system and find again that many conditions have a neural element that when treated will facilitate resolution of symptoms. I have a special interest in the treatment of spinal and pelvic conditions where I can bring the whole spectrum these techniques to bear on the varied presentation of dysfunction. In recent years I have worked extensively with patients suffering from whiplash, where these approaches are particularly effective. I also have a broad base of experience in treating peripheral joint problems and sports injuries. Outside of work, I enjoy fell walking and scrambling and I’m in the process of exploring some of the Scottish Munroe’s during holidays and keep fit for these trips by walking in the Brecon Beacons and Cotswolds. During lockdown I‘ve had to suffice with Troopers Hill and Kelston Round Hill ! I enjoy learning new skills and over the past 3 years have added woodturning and learning to play the violin to my pastimes.

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